ride-for-chris-and bitterroot-gym

IMG_0490.jpgMuch has happened in the last 53 days since my last post. I’ve survived 3 courses of antibiotics for walking pneumonia and bronchitis as a result of our Oregon rainy weather and my need to train in the elements. My training is not only about the miles of road beneath my bicycle tires, time spent in the saddle for my butt, but also for cold weather and/or element training. With the elements comes the chance of illness especially with my asthma. I think I’m finally cured.

Next on the agenda was a brief visit home to spend time with my sons and grand babies. This visit always helps to heal my spirit. My time spent with William and Keith is always entertaining…I get to spend my day following them around and they in turn get a little work out of their Mom and lots of entertainment.

I am now back in Portland and trying to train with only 53 days left until the Tour Divide. Most of my training will be spent on Dirty Medicine. It is being rigged with my bags and added weight to help me prepare for the weight I will be carrying on the bike. Once Dirty Medicine is fully loaded with all my necessary bike packing gear for my 50 day bike ride I will share a few photos pre-Tour Divide. As for my beautiful Medicine…my clipless pedals were installed yesterday and I used my new official “Dominator” shoes (dun-dun-duuuuun). Rich and Demetri were kind enough to put me through my first lesson on the clipless pedals while my bike was attached to a bike trainer stand. That part of the training was easy peasy. Next, we moved outdoors and guess what…I didn’t fall!
Okay, I didn’t fall right away. I managed to follow all instructions like a good student including the lesson that Demetri shared about going to slowly up hill and crashing…I followed his instructions to the letter. Slowly and with confidence I pedaled up the hill and was about to come to a stop, my right foot was at it’s highest place on the pedal and I started to unclip, panicked and did a very graceful fall on to the grass next to the curb. The graceful part is a lie and Rich who was riding with me didn’t even laugh once. I merely got a “good job on the fall”. So, how does a 57 year old fall without hurting herself…okay I meant to say without hurting her pride? It happened! I used to tell Chris to shake it off and that is what I did…I am a bit disappointed that Rich didn’t get a photo for me to share with my sons…Oh yeah my sons…William said, “you must have fallen on your head” and Keith simply remarked, “Good job dumbass”. I love these boys…

Lastly, the GoFundMe page for Chris and my ride went live a few day ago and will be posted on Facebook. https://www.gofundme.com/ride-for-chris-bitterroot-gym
Please view this page, read and share with everyone you know. Chris is my son and Bitterroot was his gym, the gym where he trained and taught. I will always help to support this gym in any way I am able…this gym was Chris’ home away from home and his family. I am trying to bring the things Chris learned and taught into my preparation for the Tour Divide. What better way to honor my son than to use his life and teachings as a way for me to accomplish something for myself. I want to finish this journey and raise monies for Chris’ legacy. I want to finish the race as a more whole person and maybe not as bloody or in pain as I constantly feel these 614 days. Please please join me in my journey of healing and maintaining a legacy built by Chris and his continued support of Bitterroot Gymnastics.

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