Medicine is the name of my bicycle…my very special bicycle. The process began with the search for the perfect place to purchase a bicycle. After viewing the site for Circa Cycles, I was convinced I had found the place that would create my bicycle.  My first meeting with Rich and Demetri was a good fit…which is funny because they spent that first meeting taking so many measurements of my body in order to start the build for my custom fitted bicycle.  I talked and they listened. They committed themselves as my bicycle makers and trainers/mentors and friends. The bicycle for me has become this emotional connection and a hope of healing. My vision of the bicycle started with a photo and words that I carry with me.  The name Medicine happened because the bicycle and the ride will be medicine for my body and soul. Medicine because a bicycle wheel can have 28 spokes and so does the BigHorn Medicine Wheel in Wyoming.  The Bighorn Medicine Wheel was constructed by the Plains Natives some 500 plus years ago and it is considered a place for healing and a historical/archeological wonder…in my current head space all of this is significant. I would also name my second bicycle Dirty Medicine. Dirty Medicine, because it is the bicycle that will actually be doing the dirty work on the road challenge. Dirty Medicine will carry me miles and miles down the path of the Tour Divide challenge and my path of self prescribed healing.

[I think that in these times especially, but probably for all times, in the stories we tell or share we can only be guided by the heart – we cannot dictate or predict which stories will be “the ones.” All we can do is to remember and to tell with all our hearts, not hold anything back, because anything held back or not told cannot continue on with others.]

Leslie Marmon Silko & James Wright                                                                                                          The Delicacy and Strength of Lace (1986)